Toto Plays For Change

Toto La Momposina has taken part in a video for the excellent Playing For Change, featuring over 75 musicians across Colombia.. Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. You can find out more at

CALLE 13 Unveils Video Featuring Toto La Momposina For Acclaimed New Single "Latinoamérica"

"Latinoamérica"  the Latin Grammy nominated new single features guest vocals from Toto La Momposina and finds Calle 13 Capturing The Faces And Inner Soul of a Hemisphere. The video has been posted online and has already had over 2.5 million hits in 12 days.

Calle 13 calls for solidarity across the Americas in “Latinoamérica,” which features three tradition-stretching guest singers — Susana Baca from Peru, Totó la Momposina from Colombia and Maria Rita from Brazil — over a hybrid Andean rhythm, with Mr. Pérez rapping, “I am Latin America, a land with no legs that still walks.” – NEW YORK TIMES

"Latinoamérica is the most important song we have done, documenting what we were, what we are and what it means to be Latin American. I think that strengthens our identity and helps us to remember and never forget.” - Rene “Residente” Perez


La Bodega makes RNE-Radio Nacional de Espana best of 2010 list


Radio Exterior (RNE-Radio Nacional de España)
Músicas de todo el mundo... para todo el mundo

Music from all over the world... worldwide

Como cada año, seleccionamos entre los discos que han sido publicados o que hemos descubierto en el 2010 aquellos que nos han hecho disfrutar más: nuestros favoritos del año (en orden alfabético).

As we do every year, we've selected the most enjoyable records among those that have been pulbished or we have discovered in 2010: our favourites of the year (in alphabetical order).

Nuestros favoritos del 2010 / Our 2010 favourites

  • Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté 'Ali and Toumani' World Circuit / Nuevos Medios
  • Andreas Prittwitz 'Looking back over the Renaissance' 18 Chulos
  • Anouar Brahem 'The astounding eyes of Rita' ECM / Distrijazz
  • Aynur 'Rewend' Arista / Pasión Turca
  • Čači Vorba 'True speech / Szczera mowa' Oriente Musik / Resistencia
  • Carlos Núñez 'Alborada do Brasil' Sony
  • Dazkarieh 'Hemisférios' Heptratrad
  • Deolinda 'Dois selos e um carimbo' Sons em Trânsito
  • 'Egypt noir' Piranha / Karonte
  • Iban Nicolay & The Acoustic Glorious 'Alla yidaki' Iban Nicolay & The Acoustic Glorious
  • Kronos Quartet 'Floodplain' Nonesuch / Warner Music
  • Lenka Lichtenberg 'Fray' Lenkal Music
  • Mamud Band 'Opposite people' Felmay / Karonte
  • Mariem Hassan 'Shouka' Nubenegra
  • Mercedes Peón 'Sós' Fol Música
  • Jacky Molard Quartet & Founé Diarra Trio 'N'Diale' Innacor Records
  • Sebastião Antunes 'Cá dentro' Vachier & Associados
  • Socorro Lira 'Cores do Atlântico' PAI Música
  • Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher 'Lazao izy' Cinq Planètes / L'Autre Distribution / Gaudisc
  • Terrakota 'World Massala' Ojo Música
  • Totó la Momposina 'La bodega' Astar / Harmonia Mundi
  • Tri Muzike 'Pause' Felmay / Karonte

Pictures from Toto's European Tour 2010

Totostage 3Totó has just completed her first European tour for 5 years with shows in Spain, Italy, England, Germany and Belgium. The tour was a resounding success, Totó showcased her new band to appreciative audiences presenting material from her new album La Bodega plus songs from previous albums and a sneak preview of new material. The band was on fire and Totó an inspiring spectacle. At Sfinks festival she was presented with a 70th birthday cake in front of thousands as she finished her performance. Click here to see a selection of photos so you can catch the vibe, we will be putting more up soon so watch this space!

MIAMI: AUG 21: la Orquesta Filarmonica de Bogota celebrara el Bicentenario de la Independencia con Toto

todosWith a big concert in Miami on 21 August, the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra will celebrate the Bicentennial of Independence

The OFB, under the baton of Ricardo Jaramillo, wii give a major show in Miami, along with Andrés Cepeda, Janio Coronado, Toto La  Momposina, Monica Giraldo, Choc Quib Town and Juancho Fernández, artists who participated in 'Mestizajes', the latest album of the OFB.



Con un gran concierto en Miami el próximo 21 de agosto, la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá celebrará el Bicentenario de la Independencia

La OFB, bajo la dirección del maestro Ricardo Jaramillo, ofrecerá un gran concierto en el
Adrienne Arsht Center
de Miami, junto a Andrés Cepeda, Janio Coronado, Totó la Momposina, Mónica Giraldo,Choc Quib Town y Juancho Fernández, artistas que participaron en ‘Mestizajes’, la más reciente producción discográfica de la OFB.

Con este proyecto cultural la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá se suma a los actos de celebración del Bicentenario de la Independencia de Colombia, junto a la comunidad colombiana y latina residente en esa ciudad y, a la vez, amplía su impacto internacional.


1236806208_premiosnuestratierraeditado[1]Bogotá, 23 de Mayo de 2010.

En la categoría a Mejor interpretación folclórica del año, la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá recibió el premio Nuestra Tierra 2010 por la interpretación del tema “El Pescador” junto con Totó la Momposina, una de las artistas más reconocidas que participó en “Mestizajes”, la más reciente producción discográfica de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá.

Este premio, sin duda, contribuye al reconocimiento del trabajo de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá que durante sus 42 años de existencia se ha caracterizado por registrar, para la memoria musical del país, la música popular en versiones sinfónicas. Además de varias producciones discográficas realizadas en años pasados, la OFB  obtuvo en el 2008 el premio Grammy Latino por su álbum La OFB es Colombia.

A los discos producidos por la OFB se suma la grabación de Mestizajes, una importante producción que incluyó las voces de Andrés Cepeda, Andrés Cabas, Totó la Momposina, Choq Quib Town, Andrea Echeverry, Puerto Candelaria, Bahía y el grupo Seresta, entre otros, en una selección de 14 temas de música colombiana con arreglos de consagrados músicos y nuevas generaciones de compositores.

La Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá agradece al público colombiano que apoyó su nominación, así como a todos los arreglistas e intérpretes y especialmente a los 97 músicos de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá, quienes con su talento, trabajo, esfuerzo y compromiso hicieron posible este sueño.

Toto La Momposina Announces First European Tour for 5 Years

Toto La Momposina is embarking on her first full Eauropean tour for 5 years with her full band.

The dates are:

July 15th Pirineos Sur, Huecas, Spain
17th Mar de Musicas, Cartagena, Spain
20th Latinamericando, Milan, Italy,
25th Barbican, London, UK
31st Sfinks, Belgium,
Aug 5th Zapata, Stuttgart, Germany,
7th Esperanzah, Belgium,

New feature-length documentary on Toto La Momposina being made.

Totó baileThis summer Verité Films Producers René Veilleux and Donald Roman Lopez will begin production of a feature-length documentary on the life and works of renowned World-Music Colombian singer Totó La Momposina. “We are honored to be collaborating with an artist of such world-renowned caliber and such cultural importance as Totó La Momposina.” Says Producer René Veilleux.
Totó embodies that fertile ground where Colombia’s African, Indigenous Indian and Spanish cultures mingle to create a unique musical tradition.  Her entire life she has dedicated to preserving and representing Colombia’s Caribbean coastline traditional music.  Nonetheless, Sonia Bazanta, the woman, the daughter, the mother, and Colombia's musical ambassador, has a compelling past marked by countless sacrifices and critical moments of survival. Retracing her steps, she embarks on a journey filled with memories of being displaced by civil war as a child, singing in the Paris Metro as a struggling musician, and becoming the renowned world artist she is today. Parallel to her ancestral and personal journey, Totó will travel on her first European tour in 5 years and will engage on a succession of artistic collaborations as a "Cantandora del mundo" during an important creative transition in her life. And it is here, in this key moment of her international career, in the midst of challenges and triumphs, and with this documentary film that Totó is willing to open her heart and soul to reaffirm that her fundamental need is to preserve her culture and to continue being the woman that lives to sing and that sings to live.
“Exploring in depth the circumstances that have come together to create someone like Totó, is in part a search I’ve been in my whole life trying to understand my own cultural identity.” Says Producer and Director, Donald Roman Lopez. “Totó is an exceptional story of identity preservation within the context of globalization that not only concern Colombians or Latinos but any citizen of the world,” he adds.
Verité Films is pleased to be working on the film with the full co-operation of Totó and her management and production company Astar Artes and Artistic Director John Hollis.  Other producers collaborating on the project include, award-winning documentary producer Lori Cheatle (51 Birch Street, The Kids Grow Up, The Age of Dreaming), and Sarah Anthony executive producer of Last Play at Shea, the story of Billy Joel's final concert at historic Shea Stadium, and the Untitled George Harrison project, directed by Martin Scorsese and due to be released in 2011.

For more information on the project go to

Toto and Grammy award winners Calle 13 record together

Toto and Calle 13 have been recording a song together with Susana Baca and Maria Rita reported it on their site:

‘Calle 13’ estuvo en Bogotá para grabar con Totó la Momposina

Residente y Visitante estuvieron intempestivamente en Bogota para unir sus voces con la de la artista colombiana. "Vamos a terminar de grabar un supertema, en serio lo digo. Después de este tema se puede caer mi avión", aseguró el líder de la agrupación boricua. El nuevo disco se tiene planeado para septiembre y, además de Totó, participan Susana Baca y María Rita.

A tweet from Calle 13 said: "Aca grabando con las diosas desde bogota.Toto la momposina,Susana Baca,Maria Rita"



Toto La Momposina London Barbican show. July 25th 2010

Toto la Momposina / La Mojarra Electrica / ChocQuibTown

A very special concert marking the bicentenary of Colombia’s independence

25 July 2010 / 19:30
Barbican Hall

Tickets: £10 / 15 / 20

Toto La Momposina
The Grande Dame of Colombian roots music and dance, Toto’s music takes in African, Caribbean, Native Indian and Spanish traditions, making for an irresistible blend of rhythms.

'Music of this quality puts her in a class of her own.'
Songlines Jan 2010

La Mojarra Electrica

This extraordinary 12-piece creates an eclectic mix of Afrobeat and traditional Colombian music, with a sound firmly rooted in the traditions of Colombian coastal towns, taking in the bullerengue, the chalupa, and the aguabajo.

ClubStage Choc Quib Town

For more info and to buy tickets go to:

Bodega RootsWorld review


rootsworld-smash02The somber horns, meandering guitar and tentative drums at the outset of this CD soon shift gears and burst into lively celebration, and once the voice of Totó La Momposina is in the thick of the chorus, all of Colombia's African, indigenous and European roots are joyously entwined. Toto's been the leading lady of Colombian music for some time, always drawing upon traditional sources while maintaining a progressive spirit and vision that has produced such albums as 2001's stunning Pacanto, which was propelled by a contemporary African undercurrent that enriched the music magnificently. La Bodega doesn't quite match the heights of that classic though it similarly builds on a folkloric foundation of drums and vocal blueprints handed down from generations of village cantadoras who lead people in song and often serve as herbal healers as well. Fitting, given the medicinal quality of the music here. Totó La Momposina's lusty singing is nudged to full-blooded heights by an accompaniment of hand drums, small percussion, gaita flutes made from cactus wood, brass, strings and a chorus that shouts approval of her declarations at every turn.

An occasional addition of violin, marimba or accordion veers the sound toward such popular Colombian styles as vallenato and the concluding "Fiesta Vieja" winds up the disc on a distinctly cumbia note. Still, a mainly rural sound, not an urban one, guides La Bodega. The album's centerpiece, inspired by the late Colombian master drummer Batata, thunderously demonstrates as much: "Tembandumba" builds like any straight-from-Africa invocation of the Yoruba pantheon, re-connecting Totó La Momposina's homeland to the other side of the Atlantic and resounding with the kind of inspiration heard throughout. This is Afro-Colombian music at its best. - Tom Orr

Bodega Feminist Review


Opening with a brassy, but sentimental horn sound on “Manita Uribe,” the first track of La Bodega bursts into a rhythmic and exuberant potpourri of singing, guitar, and percussion accompanied throughout by a horn section that complements and leavens the sheer joy that comes through on this song. While listening to this album, I was momentarily transported from the wintry Illinois landscape to more tropical climes. The second track, “Margarita,” features Andean/Indian gaita flutes as a backdrop to the chorus and rhythmic drumming that seem to beckon one into a celebratory mood.

If you’re looking for a mood altering experience from your music, La Bodega is just the ticket. Although Totó la Momposina is from Columbia, the third track “Sueño Españo” reminded me of a band you might hear in a Mexican restaurant that stops by your table to serenade you and your dining partner. In “Fidelina,” a strong drum accompaniment is the backdrop for Totó’s strong and feisty singing along with the ever-present brass accompaniment. This is foot tapping, rousing music and reminds us that we’re meant to participate fully in life, not just be passive observers.

La Bodega has been described as “mixed indigenous Columbian and Afro-Latin.” The genre may be less familiar and accessible to listeners than the more familiar urban Latin pop sound that has garnered a worldwide following in the past few decades, but it creates a unique listening experience.

Totó la Momposina is one of the best known singers of this genre. She is a fourth-generation musician from the village of Tallaigua, which is located on the island of Momos, the inspiration for her name. La Bodega would make a great backdrop for a dinner party or any kind of social gathering where you want to lighten the mood and provide a festive and relaxing atmosphere for your guests. If you’re not the party giving type, but have a passion and interest for diverse musical traditions, this is an album that you will want to add to your collection.

Review by Gita Tewari