Depth Drop Digital Release: 12 November

 Depth Drop and Sign Of The Dub by AMJ, previously only available as a 7" single, is now being released digitally.

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RSD re-mix tracks from the AMJ Collective …..

Dub Maestro Rob Smith is no stranger to innovative sonic adventures, a Bristol man who emerged from the reggae scene of the 80s as a guitarist and engineer, later developing his craft as a producer, DJ and re-mixer. Known for his work in Smith & Mighty and More Rockers, now piloting his own unique RSD sound, Rob tours constantly, performing in many countries across the globe.

The trio that is AMJ, Andy Clarke (drums), Mark Spence (bass) and John Hollis (producer) have been building their new project called The Almighty Groove,  inviting a Collective of musicians from different places (Cuba, Colombia, Senegal etc) to record on their sessions - acoustic instruments and live performance being a main feature of the work.

 AMJ meets RSD is a new collaboration and Depth Drop the first single …..

Invited to delve into the AMJ Treasure Trove, Rob draws on his pallet of sounds and effects to take the imagination large. Warm and bass heavy, enter a world of sonic delight …..