La Mezcla

A review of the new tune featuring Toto. This from "Shazam".  To see the full site click here. Although the opening parties to Ibiza's clubs have barely finished Swiss producer Michel Cleis is already staking a serious claim for dance track of the summer with his Latin dance epic, 'La Mezcla'. Like his Swiss compatriot Samim, who had a massive crossover hit in 2007 with 'Heater', Cleis mixes traditional Columbian music with modern techno and house elements to create a dizzying dancefloor brew. 'La Mezcla' first came to prominence over a year ago when top underground DJ's such as Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano began making it the centrepiece of their sets. Unusually, only a small run of unlabeled 12" vinyl were initially commissioned meaning that copies of 'La Mezcla' where impossible to get hold of digitally - legally or otherwise. This gave 'La Mezcla' an almost unique scarcity value as bedroom DJ's scratched their heads trying to get hold of a copy while the track simultaneously became the theme tune to underground clubs in London, Ibiza and Berlin. Featuring rattle snake style shakers that flit around layer upon layer of deep Latin percussion, 'La Mezcla' is 13minutes of hypnotic energy that is driven by an infectious Amazonian pan flute melody. The record builds slowly but purposefully till it reaches a crescendo of congas and the record climaxes with a haunting folk vocal from traditional Columbian singer Toto La Momposina. Digital promo copies put out by the achingly hip German label Candenza have already been causing mayhem amongst the DJ community with Pete Tong recently making the record the 'Essential New Tune' on his Radio 1 show. Now with 'La Mezcla' signed to the hugely influential Strictly Rhythm label it looks as though Michel Cleis could be looking to experience some unexpected mainstream success to add to his all encompassing triumph on the dance scene.~Stephen Titmus. Copyright (c) Shazam Entertainment Limited 2009. All rights reserved