Seckou releases video for Kouma

Seckou has released a video for Kouma, a track from his excellent CD "Miro" ahead of its full release in France. Click to watch the video. Appropriately, since the song is about communication and interpretation/misinterpretation, it is also one of the few videos that features signalling for hard of hearing viewers (something Seckou was very insistent should be included).


A translation of the song reads

Please tell him. Tell him not to misinterpret my words. I'm talking to those who listen carefully. A mentor gives advice; a griot sings his truth. Someone who speaks likes his words but must remember that those words will be repeated many times. Please tell him not to misunderstand what I am trying to say. Please do not destroy their meaning. A griot will choose they words carefully; I send my words to you but you will try to hear what I am not saying. I know you are clever but that not my intention .Do not read between the lines or choose what you want to hear. A trouser with only one leg full of words will fall over. You must get the other side of the argument and fill the other leg. We have two ears two eyes. But one mouth Listen with Both ears, watch with both eyes but speak only once When you say something, be careful and make sure you only have to say it once. For goodness sake let's not re-interpret the truth. Don't make it up. Sometimes words have different meanings so be careful that you understand correctly. It is not always easy to see the good in someone and what they do until much later. Don't make me say something I didn't say or suggest I did something I didn't do You might not fully understand what I am saying now. So wait until you do before you speak